Telehealth Transformation


Telehealth is at a turning point

New regulations and reimbursement practices have gained new traction and telehealth adoption rates have skyrocketed among patients and providers alike. Providers, payors, tech developers and patient advocates have an opportunity to launch, develop and implement telehealth solutions—but to do so successfully, they need intensive legal, business and government strategies counsel.

The time is now to move care delivery forward – from event-based care to ongoing, preventative medicine, that puts an empowered patient at the center of their own healthcare. We work with the industry’s leading providers, payors and technology innovators to:

  • Navigate the myriad licensure, patient consent and recordkeeping, data privacy, risk mitigation, corporate structuring, reimbursement, US Food and Drug Administration compliance and other regulatory issues that can make or break a telehealth initiative.
  • Knock down barriers for clients so they can efficiently execute their solutions across state lines and secure reimbursement with minimum administrative burden through best-in-class data analytics to forecast pricing and payment trends, medical claims audits, persuasive lobbying strategies, and telehealth-specific billing and coding systems.
  • Develop tools and collaborations that thrive in the complex world of healthcare and meet the needs of clinicians and patients alike, taking into account the unique challenges facing specific care settings, including assisted living, behavioral health and more.

How can we help you pursue telehealth transformation?


For our full Rules Governing Telehealth Modalities and Patient-Provider Relationships Report click below to download.

Telehealth’s state-by-state regulatory patchwork means that healthcare providers must navigate a variety of regulations that govern which types of care can be provided by virtual means, and even what modalities can be used in different care settings.

Hover over each state for our high-level summary of permissible physician tele-prescribing regulations. For a deeper dive into the state-by-state regulations and to access the nurse practitioner tele-prescribing overview, download our full report.

This does not constitute legal advice. All research contained herein should be verified prior to reliance thereon, and an attorney should be consulted to assess its applicability to any particular model of care. By accessing this site, you accept the terms of our privacy policy and you acknowledge your understanding that this tool is not a replacement for legal counsel. There is no guarantee that this research is up to date, as laws and regulations in this space continue to evolve.

Report last updated December 2021; note this report does not generally reflect waivers issued during the COVID-19 public health emergency, and this research does not reflect any requirements of health plans, including Medicaid programs, which may have their own modality requirements.


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Almost overnight, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has reshaped healthcare delivery, forcing a rapid and unprecedented pivot toward virtual care. But what comes next? How does virtual care become a permanent—even a predominant part—of healthcare delivery?

Our five-part “Around the Corner” webinar series addresses the future of telehealth, digital delivery of healthcare services, data-readiness post-pandemic and more. Catch up with our conversations with digital health industry leaders to learn how they have quickly adapted in the COVID-19 world and their plans for anticipating future shifts.


Valuation Considerations in Telehealth Transactions

Valuation Considerations in Telehealth Transactions

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State and Federal Coronavirus Issues

State and Federal Coronavirus Issues

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